Going The Extra Mile…

Tim had out of state clients who were looking for a house in the metropolitan area. They had found one that they had liked but had not made any decisions. They asked Tim if he would go and take pictures of the house and send them. Tim shot a video of the inside and outside of the house and sent it to them. Because of the video, it saved them another trip to Indianapolis from Connecticut and they bought the house.

Over a 6 month period, Tim sold a short sale home never meeting the owner. He talked to her about 3 times on the phone. Her preference for communications was text messages. There were dozens and dozens and dozens. Tim is a patience person.

Tim met a person over the internet who wanted to know what his house was worth. He met him at a local restaurant and discussed the matter. They hit it off well and became friends. The owner lived in Pike Township but worked in Bloomington. Shortly after the meeting he moved to Bloomington and rented the house in Pike Township. Shortly after that he quit the job in Bloomington and got a job in Indianapolis. He now lives in Bloomington and commutes to Indy. At that point he decided he wanted to do some house investing in Bloomington. He wanted to use Tim as the Realtor. Although Bloomington is not in the MIBOR MLS system, information would be difficult to get and Bloomington was an hour away, Tim said yes. Since then Tim has sold his Bloomington buyer 3 houses and made lots of contacts for real estate information in the area.

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